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A woman using assistive technology to read at her work desk.
Deena at work

DES can assist businesses to install assistive technology.

Finding work can be difficult for people with a disability. A Disability Employment Service can help. They offer support to job seekers with a disability who are searching for work. They help people through all the stages of finding a job. Starting with looking and applying for work, they also support workers with a disability once they have found work A Disability Employment Service can also assist people with a disability to develop their skills. They provide access to training courses so a person can get qualifications to help them find employment.
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A man is sitting at a table being interviewed by a woman. In the background are other one-on-one interviews.

It was confidence building.

I recently went to a jobs fair. There were about 200 people there. People with disabilities went to talk about looking for work with people who may be able to guide them. These included people from McDonalds, Bunnings, Victoria Police and Lord of the Fries. Those looking for jobs needed to say a few words about what they had done and were interested in. This helped them to find the best jobs to apply for. The fair is a great chance to build your confidence and meet new people. It could also help you find a job.
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A man searching for a job in the newspaper
A man searching for a job in the newspaper

Finding it hard to get work.

People with disabilities can find it hard to get work. People with disabilities are employed less than people without a disability. There are many reasons for this. A person’s disability may limit the jobs they can do. A disability might make it hard for a person to go to school and learn the skills necessary for many jobs. Many people with disabilities need flexible working conditions that are not always available. Another reason is because employers may not hire people with disabilities. The unemployment rate for people with a disability is nearly twice that of those who do not have a disability.
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Person with folded arms wearing a blue business shirt and tie

In a job interview, your body language can be just as important as your choice of words.

A job interview starts the moment you enter the room. If you have applied for a job and an employer is impressed by what your resume says about you, a person responsible for hiring for the firm will want to meet you. Someone there already has a good feeling about you and now wants you to convince them that you are the person with the skills and qualities to match the job advertised.
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Red disabled toilet sign on dark corrugated iron wall

My illnesses have not only affected my health, but consistently interrupted my attempts to work and find work.

My illnesses have made it hard for me to find and keep work. I have lost jobs because of being sick too often. So I try and limit my job hunting to positions I hope won't be affected by my illnesses. But I still worry about whether to tell potential employers I have a disability. I am on the Disability Employment Scheme at the Job Network. They have suggested many jobs I considered unsuitable because of my illnesses. But they have helped in finding a few suitable jobs.
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An abstract painting representing the quest to find employment

Before your interview research the organisation.

What you say about yourself in a job interview will be listened to very carefully by the person interviewing you. The interviewer will ask a few key questions and your answers must refer back to tasks you have done well on a previous job. The prospective employer will assess such things as competence and attitude from what you say about yourself and your skills.
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Man standing against a wall holding an iPad that displays the word "jobless"

Being prepared for your interview makes all the difference.

Jobs trainers will tell you there is no magic formula for getting a job. The way forward is to keep telling yourself that you have skills and be prepared for the interview. Being prepared for an interview will not just give you a sense of your own achievement. A potential employer will also look at you positively.
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A man using a wheelchair is working in a factory making a blue metal frame of another wheelchair.

Getting support to find a new job.

People with disability who are unemployed can get help to find a job. The Disability Employment service can give all kinds of help to both the unemployed person and to the employer. However those who already have a job, but who will soon lose it, cannot get this kind of help. The government needs to give more help for people with a disability who are already in a job.
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A close-up of a baby's hand holding an adult's thumb
baby hand holding thumb

I looked after the well-being of children.

I used to be a social worker. I worked with young children and teenagers. As a person with a vision impairment it was not always easy. But I was determined to succeed. Sometimes I had to take children from their parents and place them in foster care. This was done to keep the children safe. The children would often guide me around their house and hold my hands. In this job I had to write reports. I did this by using the right technology for me. I enjoyed being a social worker. I learned a lot about myself.
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A person taking a right step wearing purple converse sneakers and black jeans. The image is calf down and the focus is on the sneaker.
Stepping into logo

Stepping into a paid internship.

People with a disability make valuable employees. But they can face added barriers when looking for work. Work experience can help students with a disability overcome some of these barriers. The Australian Network on Disability runs the Stepping into program. The program helps university students with a disability to find work experience. The students work in an organisation for four weeks. They get paid for their efforts too. Students can work in areas such as finance, law, accounting and information technology. Stepping into helps students with a disability begin their career and working life.
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