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Maureen Corrigan
I have always enjoyed taking photos. I take a lot of personal photos. I am a wheelchair user. It is sometimes hard to get close enough to what I want to photograph. I have been looking at cameras with bigger zoom lenses. I finally decided to get a Nikon Coolpix P100. It has a 26 times optical zoom lens. I bought it on the internet. It was a cheap price and I got good service. I am very happy with the camera. I will not miss out on much now.
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Maureen Corrigan on 07/06/2011
A black Nikon P100 digital camera with its zoom lens partially extended.

Big zoom lens: the Nikon Coolpix P100

I have enjoyed photography ever since my mother gave me a Kodak Brownie as a child. Years later I did a photography course. In those days the darkroom was a place where I could be lost for hours. I have owned a few different cameras since then. I have tried to keep up with the latest technology.

I mainly take personal photos. I have taken lots of photos when travelling. I have many photos of friends and family. There are also shots of significant events in my life and things that just happen to strike my fancy. Sometimes a beautiful flower is enough. They all add up to a visual diary.

Big changes

The digital age has meant goodbye to film. To a large extent, it has also meant the end of photo prints. I have drawers full of old photos that I must one day get around to filing or putting in some kind of album. But these days I keep most images on hard drive, discs or web albums.

In recent years there have also been changes to the way I take photos. Since becoming a wheelchair user I sometimes find it hard to get close enough to what I want to take. My most-used camera for the last six years has been a Nikon Coolpix 4800. The camera has an 8.3 times zoom. It is a compact digital camera. It is handy because I did not have to change lenses or use a tripod for close ups. It has been quite good for getting close-up shots. But I have been reading about cameras with much bigger zoom lenses.

Super zoom online

I had my eye on another Nikon Coolpix. It was the P100. It has a 26 times optical zoom lens. The camera's zoom range is 26 to 678mm in the old language of 35mm film. That is an enormous range. I decided it was what I wanted.

I wondered how I would go about getting the camera? In the past I would have gone to a large camera shop. I would have had a good look and feel at the different options available. But it is not that easy to get to a camera shop for me anymore. I began by checking online prices. An online vendor had the cheapest price by far. I had not bought anything like a camera online before. But I took the chance.

I was so impressed with the service. I received emails confirming my order and letting me know the camera was on its way. Within a few days there was a buzz at the door. My new camera was delivered. It had been very securely packaged and all was in working order. I couldn't wait to test it.

Missing nothing

My balcony was the first place I went to. I saw a barbeque on another balcony across the road. I zoomed in a little and took a photo. Then I zoomed in further. Wow, I could read the brand name badge! I could even almost see the numbers on the temperature gauge. I was astounded. I can see that I won't miss much from my wheelchair anymore.

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A great recommendation Maureen
I will have to have a look at the Nikon Coolpix P100. I am looking for a new camera.
I enjoy black & white photography particularly capturing something of the human spirit and light.
Max Dupain is my inspiration.You may be familiar with is work www.maxdupain.com.au
I wish I had more time to devote to it.
Best wishes Bob

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