Head over heels

Kristy Hyland
Head over heels is a book about the true story of Sam Bailey. Sam grew up in regional Queensland and dreamed of being a farmer. But at the age of 19, he was involved in a serious car accident and became a quadriplegic. Over time, Sam began learning to do things for himself. Against all odds he learned to fly a plane and realised his dream of being a farmer. This book is about trying to have a positive attitude in life. Even in the toughest of circumstances. The book is written by Sam Bailey and his wife Jenny.
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Kristy Hyland on 02/05/2012
Book cover of Head over heels with Sam and Jenny Bailey on the cover.
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A story of hope and positive thinking.

Sam and Jenny Bailey's book Head Over Heels is a non-fiction book. It shows us how a positive outlook and determination contribute to a full life. The book is available in print as well as in audio.

Sam's story

Sam Bailey is a country boy from regional Queensland. He dreams of one day running the family property, getting married and raising his own family. Before beginning this dream Sam leaves the family home to work on other remote properties and find his way in life.

At the age of 19, the car Sam is travelling in rolls and his world is turned upside down. Sam gradually comes to terms with his new reality as a quadriplegic. He begins to tackle all the challenges of his new life with humour and determination.

Sam returns to his family home as he has nowhere else to go. His parents and younger siblings help Sam to take care of his daily needs. Sometimes Sam has to wait for someone to help him. Frustrated at being dependant on others, he begins working towards doing things for himself.

Courage and determination

From putting on his own shoes to operating a tractor and even flying an ultra light plane Sam finds ways to contribute on the farm and in the community. When Jenny, an ABC rural journalist, comes into Sam's life his dreams are nearly complete.

This book will make you cry and laugh as Sam overcomes each challenge with humour and courage. When the challenges of life with a disability are bringing you down let Sam's positive thinking influence you. Sam will leave you wondering, what can I do that nobody else can?

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