How to stop worrying and start living

Isabella Fels
Dale Carnegie's "How to stop worrying and start living" is a great book on how to try and eliminate worry. He writes about just about every single worry such as health and financial worries. He believes worrying is bad for our health. Carnegie offers advice on how to stop worrying. He recommends relaxing at work helps you to do more work. He believes being busy, having a good sleep and getting regular exercise can eliminate worry. He also suggests people only think about now rather than the past or the future. I recommend this book.
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Isabella Fels on 19/09/2012
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It offers advice on how to stop worrying.

Worrying. I worry about everything, even worrying. Worrying has cost me a lot, including grey hairs, lost opportunities and much-needed sleep. However going through Dale Carnegie's book How to stop worrying and start living has been a real eye opener, or should I say a great muscle relaxant and even saviour. It is a great book that I recommend to readers. It is as relevant today as when it was first published in 1948.

Common sorts of worries

Carnegie takes the reader step by step through all the different categories of worries and how to conquer and overcome them. He shows how worry can affect a person's health, finances, education and work. In some instances worry can affect a person's health to such a degree they may end up with a serious illness. By using Carnegie's techniques, people can regain what they've lost and feel better and stronger in their lives.

Techniques for work

Carnegie's techniques include analysing and solving worry problems by identifying important facts rather than focusing on fears. He believes his techniques have helped people love jobs they originally hated. He suggests people should learn to relax on the job. He also suggests that people clear their desks and important work decisions be made only on the day of the event. This can then help a person free up their mind.

Keeping busy and active

Keeping busy greatly improves attitude, mood and motivation and is another way to stop worrying. By keeping busy throughout the day, Carnegie believes people also have a much better sleep. Regular exercise and a good sleep leaves people fresher and brighter the following day.

Carnegie argues that people who keep active and busy don't have the time or energy to worry. As a result they do more, and less time is wasted by worrying. He gives an example of a man who had insomnia and spent the time not able to sleep by being productive by reading and working. This activity stopped him from worrying about not being able to sleep.

Living in the moment

Dale recommends people should live in the moment rather than worry about the past or future. He suggests people treat each day as special, and as their last day in order to have a greater enjoyment and quality of life.

Lack of reality

Most of all, Carnegie shows most people's worries such as the house burning down or dying young hardly ever happen. If people look at the low odds of these things occurring they become more positive and less fearful. As a result they might live happy and fulfilling lives.

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