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Kate Giles
I have just read Life Without Limits. The book was written by Nick Vujicic. Nick was born without arms or legs. He has an amazing spirit. Nick says he is living a "ridiculously good life". The book is about finding hope. Nick's stories are about how challenges can make us stronger. They can help us learn about who we are. The book has lots of great advice. Nick's goal is to encourage others to overcome their own challenges.
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Kate Giles on 11/11/2011
Nick Vujicic is smiling. He has short cropped blonde hair and a beard, and is wearing a blue shirt.

Nick Vujicic: a "ridiculously good life"

I have just read the book Life Without Limits. My initial interest was curiosity about how someone born without arms or legs would cope with various challenges. Nick Vujicic has an amazing spirit. He also has great support from a dedicated family. In his words, he is living a ridiculously good life.

Life without Limits is an exceptionally good read. The book is not so much about Nick's "dark days". It is more about the ways of "finding hope even amid arduous trials".

Discovering who we are

Nick writes that most of the hardships we face provide us with opportunities. The opportunities help us discover who we are meant to be and what we can share of our gifts to benefit others.

Each of Nick's encouraging stories shows how to emerge from grief stronger and more determined. He also shows us how to be more empowered to pursue the life you want.

Nick believes each of us has a gift. A talent, a skill, a craft, a knack, that gives us pleasure and engages us. Our path to our happiness often lies within that gift, he says.

Positive advice

The book encourages us to learn to seek out the positive aspects in the most difficult situations. Some of the advice includes:

  • Accepting yourself, celebrating your uniqueness, and believing in your own value. Nick writes not loving yourself can lead to self-destruction
  • Overcoming fears and learning to replace negative thoughts with positive action
  • Focusing on possibilities rather than limitations and seeing challenges as character building experiences
  • Raising your spirit with faith, hope and love as well as learning to see the funny side of things
  • Building your resilience and perseverance
  • Developing nurturing relationships and being a role model for others.

Conquering challenges

Each of Nick's stories encourages people to conquer their challenges. Rise above any attempt to restrict you from exploring and developing your talents, writes Nick. He also concentrates on building inner strength. The world and the people in it can be cruel so we must be able to look inside ourselves for inner strength, he advises. It's all about daring to dream and to follow your dreams.

We all have something to offer. The importance of letting others know they are not alone in their challenges cannot be undervalued. Nick believes the more effort we put into facing our challenges, the more opportunities we create.

Encouraging others

Nick's goal is to encourage others to overcome their own challenges. He hopes his book can encourage others to find their own pathway to a ridiculously good life.

Reading Life without Limits dares us all to do look deep inside ourselves to know who we are. It provokes us to find a purpose for our lives. It also encourages us to unlock our talents and follow our dreams.

Readers comments (3)

I find it strange that there is only a passing mention of the fundamentalist christianity that forms the basis of everything Nick writes and says. I don't think this is a good message to disribute on this site without full disclosure of his motives and beliefs.

I believe the full disclosure of Nick's motives and beliefs comes with reading the book. This is only a review - with the emphasis on overcoming challenges. It is a brief yet personal account of what I took away from reading the book. I also consider any message on overcoming challenges that people with disabilities face is a good message and more than appropriate for this site.

Agreed: although I haven't read the book, I don't think a person's beliefs should be seen to be of concern. From reading this article, it sounds as if no matter how central Nick's religion may be to his attitudes and life view, readers of his book can also have the option of taking a lot from his writing, independently of the "faith" aspects.

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