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Book cover of Head over heels with Sam and Jenny Bailey on the cover.
Head Over Heels cover.JPG

A story of hope and positive thinking.

Head over heels is a book about the true story of Sam Bailey. Sam grew up in regional Queensland and dreamed of being a farmer. But at the age of 19, he was involved in a serious car accident and became a quadriplegic. Over time, Sam began learning to do things for himself. Against all odds he learned to fly a plane and realised his dream of being a farmer. This book is about trying to have a positive attitude in life. Even in the toughest of circumstances. The book is written by Sam Bailey and his wife Jenny.
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Two library book shelves.

All libraries should have this book.

I found the book For hearing people only when I was younger and overseas. The book helped me to better understand myself and the Deaf community. The book has a number of interesting questions that it answers. It tries to explain the questions hearing people often ask about Deaf people and Deaf culture. Some of the questions are fun and silly. Others are smart and outrageous. The author does not write about Australian Sign Language. But it is still a valuable book. I give it to my friends to read. I recommend this book and encourage everyone to read it.
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A stack of self-help books.
self-help books

Can books offer a magic cure?

We all have problems in life. Some are small and some are big. When people have a problem they may enjoy reading a self-help book. These books give advice on how to live a healthy and happy life. But do they help? Psychologists say they can help. They have great information. But they are not a magic cure. Often a person must change things in their life. That can take hard work. If a person has a serious problem they may need to see a counsellor or psychologist. I enjoy reading self-help books. They give me good ideas.
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Nick Vujicic is smiling. He has short cropped blonde hair and a beard, and is wearing a blue shirt.

Nick Vujicic: a "ridiculously good life"

I have just read Life Without Limits. The book was written by Nick Vujicic. Nick was born without arms or legs. He has an amazing spirit. Nick says he is living a "ridiculously good life". The book is about finding hope. Nick's stories are about how challenges can make us stronger. They can help us learn about who we are. The book has lots of great advice. Nick's goal is to encourage others to overcome their own challenges.
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A close up of a pair of hands typing on a black computer keyboard in front of a PC monitor
A close up of a pair of hands typing on a black computer keyboard in front of a PC monitor

Giving people the chance to develop their writing skills and share their stories

English is a second language for many Australians who are Deaf. Writing in English can be difficult. It is very different to speaking in Auslan. A writing workshop at the Melbourne Writers Festival next month will help people who are Deaf and hearing impaired to improve their writing skills. Last year's workshop was very successful. The people in the workshop learned a lot about writing. The workshop is run by award-winning author Arnold Zable. Arnold says many people have powerful stories to tell.
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An older man wearing glasses is reading a book in a library

The State Library of Victoria has the state's largest reference collection

Melbourne writers have two great resources in the city. The State Library of Victoria has a huge reference collection. The Wheeler Centre is Australia's first centre for books, writing and ideas. Both buildings are accessible to people with a disability. The State Library has technology to assist people with a disability. Library staff can also provide assistance. Interpreters can be provided at library events. Hearing loops are also available. The Wheeler Centre can also help people with a disability access their events.
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A close up of the Star Trek character Geordi La Forge wearing an usual metal visor over his eyes.

Geordi La Forge from Star Trek

Characters with disabilities might seem rare in science fiction. But some science fiction has worlds full of people with disabilities. Vision impaired characters in science fiction are particularly popular. Characters using wheelchairs are also common. Some characters also have limbs replaced by new technology. Many science fiction stories have technology fixing disabilities. Others have technology creating an environment that is more accessible. I hope we will see even more characters with disabilities in future. You can share your favourite characters in the comments section.
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The cover of Sandy Jeffs book Poems from the Madhouse has a painting of Sandy sitting at a desk with her chin rest on her hand. Sandy is looking sad.

Sandy Jeffs is a real role model to me

Sandy Jeffs is an outstanding writer. Sandy writes poetry and books. She has a mental illness called schizophrenia. Sandy has had a difficult life. She hears voices that often abuse her. But she is very positive. She also has a great sense of humour. Sandy's poems are very interesting. Many are very beautiful. Others can be sad. I admire Sandy very much. She is a role model to me.
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Amazon's Kindle e-reader. It has a white case, has a black and white screen and a full keyboard as well as other buttons

Growing popularity: one in five Australians read an e-book last year

Getting your writing published has never been easier. Writers can now turn their words into an electronic book. This e-book can then be sold by an online bookstore. Authors no longer need to spend time travelling the country. Instead, they can promote their e-book online. Many authors make a lot of money out of selling e-books. But free and cheap e-books dominate the market. Most authors will struggle to make money.
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The cover of the book The Brain that Changes Itself. It has a porcelain head with a crack in it, and out of the crack a flower is growing.

I was eager to read the book

I really wanted to read The Brain that Changes Itself. It is a book about how the brain can change to deal with damage. It is very exciting for people like me who have a brain injury. The book has interviews with experts and patients. It also explains tests on people with brain injuries. It shows examples of people with damaged brains who were able to learn to do new tasks. The book was very interesting.
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