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Australian author K.A. Bedford signing a copy of his book Time Machines on a table surrounded by many copies of the book. He has a beard and is wearing a black cap and black tshirt.

Australian author K.A. Bedford

Most writers dream of writing a novel. Having a disability should not be a barrier. Many authors with disabilities have published novels. Famous authors through history have had many different disabilities. Australian writers K.A. Bedford and Karen Tyrrell have not let bipolar disorder stop them writing. Bedford has had four novels published. Two of his books won major awards. Publishers are also positive about Tyrrell’s first three novels. Both Bedford and Tyrrell are determined to keep writing.
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Peter Gibilisco is wearing black academic robes with a red sash and a hat.
Peter Gibilisco

Dr Peter Gibilisc: a determined person

Peter Gibilisco wants everyone to understand that people with a disability are equals. His goal is to change people's attitudes. He has spent many years studying society's treatment of people with a disability. He has written a book about disability and politics. The book focuses on employment, education and disability services. Doctor Gibilisco has a physical disability. He has been very determined to achieve so much. He has received awards for his work.
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A woman using a computer and a textbook to study

I had positive experiences online

I wanted to do a creative writing degree. But I was worried illness would regularly stop me attending classes. A university offered me a place in an online course. In an online course you use the computer and internet instead of attending classes. I thought that writing was suited to online study. I accepted. I completed the course in less than three years. But there were many challenges. Slow internet access was a problem. It was also sometimes difficult to find the books I needed. And some university staff were difficult to contact when there were problems.
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An old fashioned analog alarm clock with a white face and gold alarm bells on top.

Getting going in the morning is hard

I love writing. But I find getting going is hard. I end up putting much more effort into trying to produce a perfect cup of tea than the perfect paragraph. As I jiggle my tea bag I wish I was jiggling my pen. And as I pour the milk I wish I was writing on a fresh blank creamy page. I wish I could produce as many pieces of writing as I produce cups of tea. But I always seem to fall into the same old pattern. Let me describe a typical day… Cup of tea First I make one...
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