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The gatehouse and new concrete section of Princes Pier.
Princes Pier Port Melbourne 2012

The pier is an accessible public space.

Princes Pier in Port Melbourne has re-opened. I went to see it. It is great to see people walking and fishing on the pier. The pier is 580 metres long. It now has a new section. The pier is accessible for people with a disability. There are ramps and disabled toilets. At night, there is good lighting on the pier. The pier is an important part of Melbourne's history. Many people came from other countries to live in Australia. They came on ships that stopped at Princes Pier. On 28 January there will be a festival at Princes Pier.
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The rock band Rudely Interrupted performing in their studio
Rudely Interrupted in studio

Awakenings includes great music

Awakenings Festival is a huge disability arts festival that takes place every year. It is based in Horsham in Western Victoria. It offers shows, music and art exhibitions. There are also many workshops and activities for and by people with a disability. This year's festival takes place from October 20 to 22.
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Heidi Everett is playing a white electric guitar and smiling

"A vibrant and extremely electric state"

Around 50 million people worldwide have schizophrenia. A person with schizophrenia cannot cope very well with stress. Stress can be caused by problems with housing, relationships and money. I was in a hospital for the first time when my doctor said I had schizophrenia. I was scared that I was a bad person. Many people think that schizophrenia means you are violent. It is not true. Some people with schizophrenia hear voices and see things other people cannot. Last year I organised a Schizophrenia Awareness Week event. It was a barbecue. I want to help change what people think about schizophrenia.
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The animated character Snow White is sitting down smiling while looking at a little bird that is perched on her hand

Disney’s best work on display

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image ( ACMI ) has a new exhibition. It is called Dreams Come True: The Art of Disney's Classic Fairytales. The exhibition shows some of the artwork from Disney animated films. There are also sketches, film clips and posters. You can see work from classic movies like Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. You can take an audio tour of the exhibition. It is great for people who love classic movies and animation. Accessibility at ACMI is excellent. The exhibition runs until April 26.
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A close-up of someone playing an electric guitar on stage with a drummer in the background
close up of someone playing electric guitar + drummer

Music for people who are Deaf

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