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The animated character Snow White is sitting down smiling while looking at a little bird that is perched on her hand

Disney’s best work on display

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image ( ACMI ) has a new exhibition. It is called Dreams Come True: The Art of Disney's Classic Fairytales. The exhibition shows some of the artwork from Disney animated films. There are also sketches, film clips and posters. You can see work from classic movies like Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. You can take an audio tour of the exhibition. It is great for people who love classic movies and animation. Accessibility at ACMI is excellent. The exhibition runs until April 26.
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Anne Hathaway is smiling as she rests her head on Jake Gyllenhaal's naked chest

Both James and Maggie are commitment-phobic

It is not often you see a character with a disability in a major film. Love and Other Drugs is a new film. It has a character with a disability. Anne Hathaway plays a young woman with Parkinson’s disease. She starts a relationship with a man played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Many of the film’s themes are meaningful to me. Themes include the desire not to lose your identity to illness. Another theme is the fear of being a burden on others. There is also the desperate search for a cure to illness.
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A wheelchair access button on a brick wall
wheelchair access button on a brick wall

People with a disability want to go to the movies like anybody else

Many people like going to the movies. But some people with a disability cannot see or hear the movie, or get into a cinema. Village Cinemas says it is trying to make sure everyone can enjoy their films. Arts Access Victoria is also working to ensure people with a disability are not left out.
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