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A close up of Christopher Reeve, who is wearing a suit and looking very focused.
Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve prior to his accident

Christopher Reeve was a famous movie actor. He played Superman. He had an accident when riding a horse. The accident left him paralysed from the neck down. But Reeve was more of a hero in his wheelchair than flying across the sky. He reached out to many people with a disability. He fought for people's rights. He also worked hard to support medical research. He is my hero.
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Musician Eddie Vedder is standing on a stage in front of a microphone holding a acoutic guitar

Eddie Vedder on stage

Eddie Vedder is well known as the singer of the band Pearl Jam. He recently performed by himself in Australia. I saw him at the Palais Theatre in St Kilda. He sung and played guitar. He is a hard working performer. He tells stories between songs. It was a great show. I am a wheelchair user and live in regional Victoria. I often travel to Melbourne to see bands. The Palais is a great venue. The only place that bands play in my home town is not accessible to me. But the long trip to see Eddie Vedder was worth it.
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A close-up of someone playing an electric guitar on stage with a drummer in the background
close up of someone playing electric guitar + drummer

Music for people who are Deaf

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Blues singer and guitarist Fiona Boyes playing the guitar on stage
Blues singer and guitarist Fiona Boyes

Blues singer and guitarist Fiona Boyes

The 21st Wangaratta Jazz Festival will be held this weekend. The festival is widely regarded as Australia’s premier jazz event. The festival starts on Friday (October 29) and finishes on Monday (November 1). You can hear overseas acts like Grammy Award winning singer Kurt Elling. Trumpet player James Morrison is one of many Australian performers. Jazz and blues performers Over 70 festival events are spread over 10 venues. Venues include the newly built Performing Arts Centre and the magnificent Holy Trinity Cathedral. International performers playing at the festival include: American saxophonist Oliver Lake and his Organ Quartet Portuguese singer Sara...
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A man wearing a long blonde wig and wearing a pink frilly dress is holding a small bottle up to his face and smiling.
Ignition - Ben Chapman

Ben Chapman performing in The Final Scene of Jane Doe. Image: Phillip Spicer

There are few theatre training opportunities in Australia for people with a learning disability. Northern Melbourne College of TAFE in Preston is the only place in the country that runs an accredited theatre course for people with a learning disability. The course is known as Ignition Theatre Training. It covers many aspects of theatre. It also links people to the theatre industry. DiVine spoke to several past students of the Ignition course. They all were very positive about their experience. The course gave a new meaning to the word theatre, says Ryan. It really let me take a look inside...
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