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Kate Giles
My son was excited by his Christmas present. It was a calendar. It had photos of cyclists including Cadel Evans. I took the photos myself. I also made the calendar. I think personalised calendars make great Christmas presents. Sometimes making calendars using adaptive technology can be challenging. But the hard work is worth it. It is very satisfying creating a unique and personalised gift.
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Kate Giles on 28/11/2011
A drawing of a simple calendar showing the date May 1

A personalised calendar can make a great gift at Christmas

Wow! Mum, this is great! says my son as he flips through his Christmas present. These photos are sensational. Where did you get them?

Remember when we went to the world cycling championships? I reply. I was leaning over the fence with my camera just clicking as the cyclists went by. I couldn't see what I was taking but I managed to get some pretty awesome photos.

They won't believe it

My son Drew has long been a cycling fanatic. To have a photo of Tour de France winner Cadel Evans and other world champions made into a calendar was the perfect present.

I can't wait to show this to my mates, Drew says. They just won't believe it.

What won't they believe? I wonder. That your legally blind mother took all the photos and made the calendar? Everyone laughs. I laugh too.

Wonderful reminder

Christmas is fast approaching and once again I'm busy making calendars. I think they can be a wonderful reminder of a previous holiday or a special occasion. Using recent pictures of kids and grandkids is also very popular. Old photos set in a sepia background with a family history theme are another favourite.

There are some basic requirements when making calendars. First you need a good selection of high resolution photos. A theme also helps. Having a topic makes it easier to sort the photos. After this, a good calendar layout is essential. Any good digital photo printing website should have plenty of options for different calendar designs.

Adaptive equipment

I need software that is compatible with my adaptive equipment. Sometimes it can be difficult to find accessible software or accessible websites. But I have found the clickonprint website's free software (opens new window) works well with Zoom Text. It's not perfect, but it works better than most others I have tried. And the more you use it the easier it gets.

Sometimes making calendars with adaptive equipment can be quite challenging. However, a bit of time and patience helps. I find it much easier than shopping. The problem of what present to buy is solved. And the end result, producing a unique and personalised gift, is very satisfying.

This Christmas

This Christmas I don't have any sensational action shots of world cycling champions. Drew will have to be content with the local lads in action. But I know that aunty Margaret will be delighted with her family history calendar. My friend Kath will also adore the monthly photos of her grandchildren. And my husband Denis will love what I have done with his holiday snaps.

Have you ever made a special Christmas present for someone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Thanks Kate that is great information. It is something else I can do with my travel photos - make a calendar. You do so well with your vision difficulties. It is amazing!

Thanks Maureen,
I've learnt to utilize my bit of remaining central vision to the max. However, everything just takes so long to do. And as my vision deteriorates everything just takes longer and longer. My biggest frustration is trying to fit everything I want to do into my day.

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