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Williams's modern painting called Sturt's Desert Pea. It has four horizontal panels, each of which have small red and black desert peas.
lge fred williams

Fred Williams, 'Sturt's Desert Pea', 1974

I went to the exhibition Fred Williams, Infinite Horizons . It is at the Ian Potter Centre in Federation Square. There are more than 130 paintings by Fred Williams. He is an admired Australian artist. Most of the paintings are of the landscape. The horizon is important to Williams. In some paintings the horizon is up high. In some it curves. There are different ways to look at these paintings. You can stand at a distance from them. Or you can get up close. I think people will enjoy this exhibition. The paintings show the beauty of the Australian landscape.
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A front-end perspective of a wheelchair.

Does using a wheelchair allow you to joke about disability?

John Callahan was an American who drew cartoons. Some people loved his work and others hated it because they thought it insulted people with a disability. Many of these people did not know Callahan had a disability. He wanted to break down the barriers between people through humour. Callahan was also a writer and musician. He created the television show Quads about a group of friends who each have a disability. The friends live together in a mansion they call Maimed Manor. Many people with a disability love his work. Callahan didn't mean to upset people. He just thought laughter could help us when life is sometimes hard.
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An external photo of MONA. Its set into a hillside and is on the waterfront.

MONA is on the Derwent River.

I went to the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart recently. There are many types of art including paintings, sculptures and videos. There is very old art and new art. I liked a waterfall art piece. As drops of water fell, they made words. There was a lot of art I didn't like. Words to describe the museum include wonderful and fabulous. I cannot find the right words to explain what I thought and felt for the art. But I know it was disturbing. If you have been there, what words would you use to describe it?
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A photo of Rene Magritte in a suit in front of a framed picture of a bodyless suit and bowler hat.

Magritte was a renowed surrealist artist.

I like to visit the One Surrealist a Day website. This website has one surrealist artwork every day. Surrealist art tries to show things as they are felt or even dreamt by people. Bodies are painted and drawn in weird but wonderful ways. Eyes are too big and sometimes heads are replaced by balloons or fish. The pictures may seem strange and mysterious. But they may be trying to show how people feel in their lives. Surrealist pictures help us appreciate ourselves and the world.
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A drawing of a simple calendar showing the date May 1

A personalised calendar can make a great gift at Christmas

My son was excited by his Christmas present. It was a calendar. It had photos of cyclists including Cadel Evans. I took the photos myself. I also made the calendar. I think personalised calendars make great Christmas presents. Sometimes making calendars using adaptive technology can be challenging. But the hard work is worth it. It is very satisfying creating a unique and personalised gift.
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Andrew Follows is crounching down on a beach looking into a camera mounted on a tripod
Andrew Follows is crounching down on a beach looking into a camera mounted on a tripod

Andrew Follows: his interest in photography grew into a passion

Andrew Follows is a photographer with a difference. He is blind. Andrew's eyesight started to get a lot worse four years ago. It was then that his interest in photography grew into a passion. Andrew now takes as many photos as he can. He loves capturing a moment in time that will never happen again. Andrew uses computer software to examine his photos. He is often excited by what they contain. Andrew wants to travel to the United Kingdom to share what he has learned.
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A painting by Eugene von Guérard featuring a river, mountains, detailled vegetation and a cloudy sky.

Eugene von Guérard: "Victoria's most important landscape painter"

I recently saw the exhibition Eugene von Guérard: Nature Revealed. It is on at the National Gallery of Victoria in Federation Square until August. I joined a guided tour. Access for people with a disability is good. The exhibition is celebrating 150 years of the gallery. von Guérard was the gallery's first director. He often travelled around Victoria. He produced many sketches and paintings of nature. The detail in his sketches and paintings is amazing. His work was very accurate and important.
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A paint palette surrounded by many different colours of paint tubes and some fine brushes

Many people with a vision impairment use visual arts to express themselves.

Many people with vision impairment use visual arts to express themselves. Limited vision is not a barrier to creating art. Artwork by people with vision impairment is displayed around the world. Vision Australia has published a calendar featuring artwork for 20 years. The calendar highlights the talents of the artists. Artist Dorothy Riddell loves painting. She says it has become very important in her life. Artist Doug Sheers encourages other people to try painting for themselves.
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A series of black dresses designed by Valentino worn by white mannequins

I thought the dresses were beautiful

I was in Brisbane last year. Friends talked me into going to an exhibition. The exhibition was about expensive clothes. I did not think I would be interested. I did not think fashion could be art. But it did not take long before I realised I had been wrong. The clothes were by an Italian designer called Valentino. They were very beautiful. I realised he is an artist.
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The picture is of a distorted man’s face that is split down the middle. The face is divided into three horizontal bands of colour. It is yellow at the top, blue in the middle and red at the bottom. The man is wearing an orange hat and has purple eyes wi

I made a tactile picture that people could feel using their hands

Most artwork is visual. Most galleries also have a strict “do not touch” policy. It makes it difficult for people with little or no vision to experience art. We have to rely on someone else to describe the artwork to us. The problem is that viewing art is like wine tasting. Everyone experiences it differently. Your experience is typically different to someone else’s experience. People often find it difficult to explain why. It is also difficult for someone else to describe a picture to you without interpreting it. For example, they might tell you that an abstract artwork is a...
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