A food paradise

Phoebe Tay
I think Singapore is a food paradise. There are many food choices people can eat in Singapore. They include Japanese, Chinese, Malay and Thai food. You can eat at the many food stalls, coffee shops and restaurants found everywhere. Some of the local favourite dishes are chilli crab, laksa, fish head curries and a chicken dish with rice. Singaporean people love eating food. One time I went with my family to a restaurant at midnight. It was so busy we had to wait for an empty table. If you visit Singapore try as many different foods as you can.
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Phoebe Tay on 17/05/2012
A plate of chilli crab and gravy.
Chilli_crab final

You must try the chilli crab with gravy.

I love good food, especially different types of Asian food. The versatility of Asian dishes makes the dining experience satisfying and enjoyable. Melbourne has proven itself to be successfully multicultural. The city boasts a variety of different restaurants that offer a wide selection of food choices at meal times. However there is nothing like sampling the real deal in the country of origin.

Being Singaporean-born, I am proud to declare my homeland is a food paradise. Living and working in Melbourne has made me grow a deeper appreciation for the food I have in my home country. It is what I miss and look forward to having when I make yearly visits to my family at Christmas time. In Singapore, locals and tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking what to eat at the coffee shops and restaurants.

Singaporean food

Singaporean food is very versatile and reflects the multicultural aspect of the country. Food options include Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese, Korean and Thai food. Just name it and we have it. I do not know any Singaporean who does not love food. It is an essential element of Singaporean culture. This is evident from the many crowded hawker centres and high-end restaurants everywhere. There is also 24-hour accessibility to food at some locations all year round.

I fondly recall the time when my family went out at midnight for supper to eat Roti Prata at The Roti Prata House on Upper Thomson Road. Every table at the coffee shop was taken. I vividly recall the place was buzzing with people and the air was filled with the sound of incessant chatter. My family had to wait for some time before we actually got a table.

Signature Singaporean dishes

Singapore has so many different types of delicious cuisine that picking out only a few to be signature dishes doesn't do justice to all the hawker sellers and restaurant owners. In order to savour the best food the island has to offer, one needs to really stay for an extended period of time and source out the best eating outlets.

Some of the favourite dishes of the locals include the Hainanese chicken rice, satay and nasi lemak. When you've finished your meal, you can pick a drink from a wide selection which includes teh tarik – a creamy and frothy milk tea, bandung – rose syrup, grass jelly, pineapple drink or soya bean milk. There are also popular desserts to choose from such as ice kacang, chendol and tau suan.

For chilli lovers, you must not miss the chilli crab with its piquant gravy which will leave your tastebuds wanting for more. You must also not forget to try the laksa and fish head curry.

Must go eating places

There are some popular spots that are renowned to be the best of the best. For the best Hainanese chicken rice on offer, head over to Tian Tian Chicken Rice stall which can be found at Maxwell Food Centre and Joo Chiat. Yeo Keng Nam Traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice also has outlets along Braddell Road and Serangoon Road. Authentic laksa can be found along East Coast Road which has been voted one of the best laksa stalls by The Straits Times the local newspaper. Other good eating spots include Lau Pa Sat Hawker Centre, Geylang and Holland Village.

If you ever do decide to travel to Singapore, make it your goal to sample a variety of the local fare the country has to offer. Be adventurous when it comes to food and it will certainly delight your tastebuds. Live to eat like a king. Bon appétit.

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