A little bit dry

Kate Giles
I had to go to town by bus. I put a plastic raincoat, or poncho, in my backpack. When I got to town it was windy and raining hard. With my limited vision, I tried to put on my poncho. I finally did. But wait. It was on back to front. I took it off and put it on properly. But a blast of wind ripped the poncho over my head and it flew away. A man gave it back to me. But I told him to keep it. I needed to buy an umbrella to try and stay a little bit dry.
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Kate Giles on 09/05/2012
Rain on a window.
Rain on window

I wanted to stay a little bit dry.

It had been quite warm, but overnight a change had arrived. Before I headed for the bus, I checked the weather. There didn't seem to be much rain around at the moment. Yes. There was some coming but it appeared to be a long way off. I could get to town. I could make my appointment and was sure I could be home again before the rain set in. But just in case, I tossed an emergency plastic poncho in my backpack.

The rain

No sooner had I reached the bus stop, the rain started. It must have come up from the coast as it wasn't on the weather radar. I could see the bus coming so I just held my backpack over my head until I was on board.

By the time I arrived in town the rain was quite heavy. And the wind had kicked in as well. Luckily I put the poncho in, I told myself. I am going to need it to get to my destination at least a little bit dry.

The poncho

Finding some cover I took the poncho out of its packet. I slowly unfolded it. With my limited vision I couldn't tell the back from the front. Then the wind almost blew it clean out of my hands. As I once again held it up, I realised I couldn't define the top from the bottom either.

I knew I was in trouble but I just had to persevere.

Eventually I found the bottom. I pulled it over my head. Fumbling around I found the arm holes. Thank God. At long last, I silently said.

But something wasn't right. I pulled the poncho down, only to have the hood flapping over my face. Then the realisation hit me. I had it on back to front.

This would never do.

I pulled the poncho off and began the whole procedure again. Eventually it all came together. So much for one size fits all. It was so big. I also had room for a couple of my friends.

The wind

As I bent down to pick up my backpack, the wind came up underneath this plastic monstrosity. It blew up like a massive balloon. And before I could hold it down, the poncho came clean off over my head and floated away.

The next minute a friendly voice said, Here's your plastic. I smiled sweetly and calmly said, Keep it. I really don't need it anymore.

The grateful man hurried off down the street with his plastic. I would have liked to have watched as he tried to put it on but time was ticking away. I had to find a shop, buy an umbrella and get to my destination on time and at least a little bit dry.

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A very enjoyable read. Kate had me laughing out loud!

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