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Christine Casey
I love to laugh. Laughter helps you feel better if you do silly or embarrassing things. I am a primary school teacher. Children can be funny. One day the children were shown art that had dots. One child said the art had Braille on it so I could read it. It was a sweet and funny thing to say. I play blind tennis. Sometimes the ball hits me on my head. But it doesn't hurt. I like to laugh when this happens. I enjoy my life. I think the secret to being happy is to laugh.
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Christine Casey on 14/02/2012
Two young girls laughing.
children laughing

Children can be very funny.

I love to laugh. It makes me feel good. I find it especially easy to laugh at myself. I am blind and sometimes my lack of vision can lead to some funny situations.

Crossing the road

One day when I was walking through the city on my way to work I attempted to press the button on the pedestrian crossing lights. I had crossed that road before so I knew exactly where the button would be. I stretched my hand out and pressed.

Unfortunately there was a man standing in the way and I ended up accidentally groping his bottom. Thankfully he did not seem to mind. Actually, I think he rather liked it. I felt a little embarrassed but it was an accident and it really was a little bit funny.


I also work as a school teacher and so I have a lot of opportunity for laughter at work. Children can be very funny. My students often do or say things that make me smile. One day when the preps were on an excursion they were shown some art work. The art work had dots on it and one of the preps commented it was nice that someone had put Braille on the art so Miss Casey (that's me) could read it.

Another time I had a chance to laugh was when I noticed one of the children had wandered away from the rest of the group. I called the child's name and asked him to come back and join the other children on the floor. He asked me how I knew he had wandered away. I told him I could hear his breathing. He replied he hadn't been breathing. Another child in the class quickly pointed out that if he hadn't been breathing he'd be dead.

Enjoying life

An activity I enjoy when not at work is blind tennis. But I do find it very difficult to play tennis. I sometimes have trouble serving the ball. Sometimes when I'm serving I toss the ball in the air but I do not hit it with the racket and it comes back down and lands on my head. It doesn't hurt but I do look a bit silly. Still, I laugh about it because it is not worth getting upset over and it must look funny.

I really enjoy my life. I have a great job and a lot of fun hobbies such as tennis, cricket, dancing and music. I think the secret to being happy and enjoying what you have is to laugh. I find laughter and seeing the funny side of things a good way to get over embarrassment. When you can laugh at yourself and the situations you find yourself in, it also makes other people feel relaxed and comfortable around you. I hope I will always have the ability to laugh.

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Thanks Christine. Your article did make me laugh!

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