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Isabella Fels
My friends are always there for me. They have been a great support when I have been unwell. They visited me in hospital and brought me presents. They really helped my recovery. My friends have also been very supportive of my writing. They have also given me other great opportunities. They have even taught me life lessons. They do it out of concern and love. My friends make me feel special.
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Isabella Fels on 19/10/2011
3 friends out for lunch

We have a lot of fun together

I would be lost without my friends. They are always there for me.

My friends have been a great support when I have been unwell. Just having them visit in hospital was great. It helped play a big part in my recovery. Having them come with flowers, magazines, books and other presents made my day. My friends have also done everything from making me cups of tea to cooking meals.

My cheerleaders

They also have been my great cheerleaders for my writing. They have been a big source of energy and inspiration. I would not be able to come up with so many different ideas for my writing without my friends. I feel my writing would be flat and boring without them.

Friends are my main anchor and support system. They steer me in the right direction towards positivity. It was a close friend who suggested writing for DiVine. Friends have also opened many other doors for me.


Thanks to my friends I no longer feel so alone with my disability. Some of them also have schizophrenia. They are very understanding. I can talk to them about my problems and they don't run away. They know exactly where I am coming from. It is great being able to ring a friend and have a deep and meaningful conversation. It is even better to come away feeling much better.

Friends help me solve problems. They have helped me get out of trouble or danger. They also have often talked me out of silly, impulsive purchases. They tell me honestly what suits me and what doesn't. They have helped me save a lot of money. They also have helped me to be more rational. It is good I can now discriminate between real friends and people who do not really care. I used to find it hard to say no to people. I would give away my time and money to people who would take advantage of me.

Feel special

My friends are very kind. I have some particularly close friends who make me feel very special. We have a lot of fun together. They make me feel bright and terrific. They have also taught me a lesson or two. They do it out of real love and concern for me.

I still love to spend time on my own. But with great friends, I no longer feel so alone. In many ways I am now my own best friend.

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Fantastic article Isabella!

Some people say nowadays that medication, while very important, is not always the single most important factor in recovery from mental illness: other factors such as genuine human support, and mutually supportive relationships, can for some people make even more difference than medication!

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