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My grandfather was a teacher. He was also my aide at primary school. He used to visit my family regularly. But two years ago he went into a nursing home. It was getting hard for my grandmother to care for him. Last May he became sick. I got a phone call to come quickly to the nursing home. He passed away that afternoon. I told him I would never forget him. I miss him so much.
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Glenn Van Dord on 18/03/2011
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I told him that I would never forget him

In 1985, David got his first grandchild. That was me.

My Granda was born in Melbourne. He lived in different parts of country Victoria. He taught at places like Myrtleford, Drouin and Koo Wee Rup. He also helped as my aide at primary school.

Always visited

My Granda always visited us, especially for birthdays and Christmas. Two years ago he went into a nursing home in Pakenham. It was getting too hard for my Grandma to care for him.

In May last year he became sick and all the family came to be with him. I was on 24-hour standby with my mobile. My mother was at TAFE when she got a phone call to say Granda was not breathing well. She went straight to see him. She also told me to come quickly. I was heading out to give a talk. I got a lift to the Morwell Station and went to Pakenham.

Very sad

It only took a few minutes to walk to where Granda was. I felt very sad and started to cry when I arrived at the nursing home. I gave big hugs to my Mum, Grandma and Aunty.

Granda passed away that afternoon. He was 77 years old. I sat there beside him and told him that I would never forget him. I miss him and I am sad. My Uncle drove me home and things settled down a bit.

Celebrated his life

I am involved in the Mawarra Centre radio station with my best friend Sarah. I wrote the sympathy list and gave it to her to read. A few days after David’s death, my family put death notices in the Warragul Gazette and the Herald Sun where my name was listed.

A week after his death, we celebrated his life at the Koo Wee Rup Uniting Church.  There were about 200 people there, including relatives and friends. He was a respected man. My Mum and Dad were a great comfort to me. The service was very emotional.

I love my Granda and miss him so much.


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I still Remember Him I still Have Photos of him on my facebook thinking of him couple times pass i have little cry loose my friends from emerson has been not nice when when loose my granda but i still have friend rohan and friends at mawarra they so supporting best things about i have lots freinds who spass on thir symapntly

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