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I thought about how other people may perceive me

I forget that I look different to most people when out in public. I use an oxygen bottle. I push it around on a trolley everywhere I go. I had never met anyone else of my age in a similar situation before. But then I meet a young woman at a market. She had an oxygen bottle like me. At first I felt sad that she was so young. But then we had a good chat. It has made me think differently about how I see others.
1 comment - on 08/12/2011
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I hope my son will grow up feeling good about himself

I have two sons and a daughter. I want them to be happy and healthy. My husband and I are Deaf but my children are not. I had wondered when they would realise they are different. My eldest son was nine when he began to realise. He told me he felt different at school. But he realised he has things other children do not. He has parents who love him. He has a safe and loving home. He is becoming aware of his identity. I hope he will grow up feeling good about himself.
1 comment - on 17/05/2011
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I told him that I would never forget him

My grandfather was a teacher. He was also my aide at primary school. He used to visit my family regularly. But two years ago he went into a nursing home. It was getting hard for my grandmother to care for him. Last May he became sick. I got a phone call to come quickly to the nursing home. He passed away that afternoon. I told him I would never forget him. I miss him so much.
1 comment - on 30/11/2015
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Relationships are an important part of life

Relationships are very important in our lives. But they can be difficult. They can require a lot of work. There are important skills to learn to learn. There is a program that helps people with an intellectual disability learn more about relationships. The program uses activities and stories. Sessions are led by other people with an intellectual disability. People learn about their rights. They also learn ways to avoid getting hurt. The program is called Living Safer Sexual Lives, Respectful Relationships.
1 comment - on 10/07/2011
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They are truly beautiful relationships

There are many different types of communities. A community can be any group of people that choose to join together. I think the people that you choose to have in your life can be even more important than family. They are the people that will be always there for you. They are the people that I help whenever they need it. They are the people I love to spend time with.
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Food is a central part of our lives

Many parents find it difficult to get their children to eat healthy food. Good eating habits can start from when we are babies. There are many things you can do to encourage children to eat well. Growing your own vegetables can help. Kids who help grow their own vegetables are likely to want to eat them. Kids also like playing with food. You can use food games to encourage them to eat well. You can also get children involved in cooking. Cooking does not have to take a long time or be difficult. It can be a good activity for families to do together.
1 comment - on 25/02/2011
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I’ve had several relationships through online dating sites . Every time I tell people how we met I get that look. You know, the one that says diving into a crocodile infested sewerage outlet would be safer and less disgusting than dating online. But since I’m right there and apparently willing to talk, that look quickly gives way to morbid curiosity. What’s it really like to date online? Why do it? Before I started online dating, I would have felt the same. I was afraid I would end up meeting the geeky equivalent of Freddy Kruger: homicidal intentions and Star...
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Internet dating sites are now more sophisticated

Times have changed. Listing yourself on a dating site is no longer daunting or seen as an act of desperation. Internet dating sites are now sophisticated and offer a huge range of options, including looking for a mate, broadening your circle of friendships, finding new social outlets, or simply helping find someone to chat to. There is also a large range of websites available, including both free and paid membership communities. Some websites have sub-categories that cater to particular community groups and religions, while there are also sites dedicated to people with disabilities. The first step Regardless of the site...
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