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Phoebe Tay
South Korea is a fascinating country to visit for a holiday. The country has delicious and affordable food. There are interesting places to explore and experience. I visited South Korea earlier this year and stayed with friends. We went skiing. I went shopping and found lots of clothes on sale. I learned about the history of Korea when I visited the Sarangchae Gallery. South Korea is accessible for Deaf people. On train platforms, there are television screens that show the train you are waiting to catch. You can also read how many minutes it will take for the train to arrive.
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Phoebe Tay on 26/04/2012
A traditional styled bungalow in South Korea.

A traditional-styled bungalow

Earlier this year I flew to Seoul, South Korea, to visit some friends I hadn't seen for a long time. I had a great time skiing in Gangwon-do ski resort, which is supposedly the best ski resort in Gangwon province and about a three hour drive from Seoul. I was pleased I managed to tour the capital city Seoul extensively during my nine-day stay, although I wish I could have had time to venture to other country towns and cities. I consider myself lucky to have Korean friends as I had free accommodation and got a real taste of Korean culture.


I visited a number of places. Each of them had much to offer and special in their own way. The long ski runs at Gangwon-do mountains provided ample skiing practise, and, from our ski resort, we had breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains and valleys. I visited and explored the vast grounds of Gyungbokgung Palace and learned about the rich history of Korea when I visited the Sarangchae Gallery. I visited the Bukchon Hanok Village which has traditional Korean houses that exude a special charm. I also enjoyed sampling various Korean cuisine in restaurants as well as their street food. Last but not least, I enjoyed shopping to my heart's content for cheap winter wear in the  Myeongdong district during the Korea grand sale. I found winter wear as cheap as $29 and less.

Accessibility for Deaf people

During my stay I was really impressed with the technology and Deaf friendly features. The convenience and efficiency of public transport as well as the ease of travelling independently to most places by the subway helped me to enjoy my travels tremendously. At each train platform, there were screens that showed a picture of a train, which station it was departing from, and how many stations before it arrived. This was useful in knowing how long the wait for the train was going to be and served as a good visual aid. Another feature I vividly remember were the screens found in shopping centre food courts. The screens flashed an order and counter number when the ordered food was ready to be picked up. As a Deaf person, these features provided me a sense of independence for my stay in Korea. So, I highly recommend South Korea as a country for keen travellers.