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Cable beach, Broome
cable beach

I slept in a hut by Cable Beach.

In 1994 I lived near Broome in Western Australia. I went on a nine-day walk with the Goolarabooloo people. I learned how to follow bush bees to their honey and how to dig for water. I learned to track and hunt animals. When the walk finished the Goolarabooloo people invited me to stay with them. I worked for four hours a day and lived in a hut by the beach. I ate traditional bush food like turtles and goanna. The next trail walk will be in June this year. I strongly recommend it.
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A traditional styled bungalow in South Korea.

A traditional-styled bungalow

South Korea is a fascinating country to visit for a holiday. The country has delicious and affordable food. There are interesting places to explore and experience. I visited South Korea earlier this year and stayed with friends. We went skiing. I went shopping and found lots of clothes on sale. I learned about the history of Korea when I visited the Sarangchae Gallery. South Korea is accessible for Deaf people. On train platforms, there are television screens that show the train you are waiting to catch. You can also read how many minutes it will take for the train to arrive.
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The twisty limbs and spiky green leaves of a joshua tree.
Joshua Tree National Park

The joshua tree is bizarre but charming.

I once spent a morning exploring Joshua Tree National Park in the U.S. The park is east of Los Angeles in California. It is famous for its rock formations. It has many unusual plants and animals too. I travelled through the park in a Hummer car. The park is an amazing place. I saw the strange and charming Joshua trees. The landscape was extraordinary. My tour guide kept getting my name wrong. But I didn't mind. He took a photo of me leaning against a rock. I remember my desert adventure whenever I look at that photo.
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A Victorian highway sign showing distances to towns including Mildura.

I find the freedom of travel exciting.

I find travel very exciting. When I was younger I travelled to many parts of Australia. I lived in Mildura and picked grapes. I got involved in protests to stop forests being cut down in Victoria and Western Australia. I wanted to test my freedom as a blind person. Now I travel differently. I use a white cane and public transport. My partner drives me to where I need to go. But I am still not afraid to go to places that are unfamiliar and this will never change.
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A picture of Davuth, his wife and two girls.

Davuth and his family.

I went to Cambodia for a holiday with my husband. Our guide and driver was Davuth. He took us to meet his wife and two children. His home was small but it had a tin roof. This helps to keep it dry when it rains heavily. We took many photos of the children and other villagers. Davuth told us amusing stories about snakes and spiders. But he also told us his family gets sick and it is expensive to see doctors and get treatment. Davuth would like to be a teacher. We promise to try and help Davuth and his family.
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Two women in a classroom.

We worked through exercise sheets.

I wanted to learn a language. So I chose to learn Hebrew. I went to Israel to study the language. In the beginning I struggled to remember words. I was worried it was because of an old injury. But my teacher said I should be patient. Another teacher told me to relax and enjoy learning. So I did and I started to have fun. I took trips to town with another student. We practised our Hebrew with people in shops and on the street. I have learned some of the language. I am pleased with myself.
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Two deck chairs and an umbrella on the sand of a pristine beach.
Two deck chairs and an umbrella on the sand of a pristine beach.

A popular summer holiday destination.

People enjoy their holidays in many different ways. Some people like to travel. Others like to go camping. Other people like to stay at home and relax. Everyone has different ideas about what makes a perfect holiday. I thought about what I like to do on a holiday. My perfect travel holiday is when I experience something special. Things like tasting food at markets. Or seeing art in museums or galleries.
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A black camera with a large lens

Why do you take travel photos?

My friend's mother has been throwing away photos that do not have people in them. But my own travel photos are usually just of scenery. I do not take many photos of people. I have been sorting through my latest travel photos. There are lots of beautiful scenes. I also took many photos of accessibility. I took shots of bathrooms, other rooms and entrances. Accessibility is important to me. The photos could also be useful to other people planning a trip. I wonder what you take travel photos for? And what do you do with them after your trip?
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Maureen Corrigan in a park in Norway on her electric travel scooter.

Maureen with her travel scooter

I have just visited Norway. I saw some of the most beautiful places in the world. I did a lot of research before I left. I am a wheelchair user. I used many different methods to research accessibility. But one of the joys of travelling is when the unexpected happens. I used 16 different forms of transport on the trip. They included trains, boats and buses. I also used a Luggie electric travel scooter. I will never forget the experiences I had.
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A man using a wheelchair is chatting to another man in a mobility scooter as they drive down the footpath in front of Southern Cross Station in Melbourne

People with a disability often encounter barriers when travelling

Everyone should be able to enjoy a holiday. But people with a disability often face barriers when travelling. Many tourist attractions are not accessible. There also needs to be more accessible accommodation. The Australian Government wants to encourage more accessible tourism. They have begun a campaign to improve access to travel and leisure facilities. It includes airlines, hotels and restaurants. Improved access will help businesses attract more customers.
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