Anastasia Vesperman

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Anastasia Vesperman

I am a part of several alternative communities in Melbourne. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I have been a cross-country ski instructor. English was my favourite subject at high school. I like to research topics I don't understand and then write about them.

As a pleasure activist, I hope to write about pleasure, sex, and relationships with regards to disability. As a geek, I hope to write about technological ingenuity regarding disability.

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A Samsung LCD television with a picture of a desert and mountains on the screen
Samsung LCD TV

By 2013 all television will be digital

Your old television might soon not work anymore. Those with old televisions might need to add a set-top box. But the new digital format is an improvement. It offers better quality pictures and sound, plus new channels to watch. The Australian government might provide you with some help to switch to digital television.
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