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Carly Findlay

I am an appearance activist, blogger and freelance writer, community TV presenter and lover of cooking, live music, fashion and Darren Hayes. I hold a Masters of Communication majoring in journalism and new media. I blog at and tweet from @carlyfindlay.

I enjoy fashion and love to shop! I also love cooking, and love to eat! I enjoy listening to music and watching live bands. I keep creative by writing a blog.

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Unhappy woman talking with her doctor.

Doctors listen intently to their patients

When I was younger, doctors used me to educate student doctors about my skin condition. As I became older I became less comfortable being used like that. But I also got to know all about the condition itself. Now, I am the one who teaches doctors about my condition, and I have been a guest lecturer. This empowers me, and the student doctors find it valuable.
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A logo of a pink fish on a white background

Writer Carly Findlay opened her blog for Ichthyosis Awareness Month - with wonderful results.

May was Ichthyosis Awareness Month - aimed at raising awareness of Ichthyosis. DermnetNZ states Ichthyosis is a rare genetic or acquired skin condition affecting an estimated 10-20 individuals per million. Ichthyosis is characterised by persistently dry, thickened, rough, fish scale skin. There are at least 20 varieties of ichthyosis, including inherited and acquired forms. People with ichthyosis have a normal lifespan. However those with very severe ichthyosis may need to spend several hours each day caring for their skin so they can lead as much of a normal life as possible**.
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Two images of Tim Ferguson side by side. He is pulling faces and exaggerated hand and arm movements.

"A sense of humour is crucial"

Tim Ferguson is a comedian, writer, actor and teacher. He was part of the comedy group the Doug Anthony All Stars . He has appeared on television many times. He also teaches comedy and screenwriting. Tim has multiple sclerosis. It is a disease that affects a person's brain and spinal cord. When Tim first learned he was ill he didn't tell anyone. He says it was nobody's business to know. Tim says he has a good life. He is happy in his work and relationships. He thinks we should try and be positive about life because it is a miracle.
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Three children dancing holding hands on the grass.

It is children who will change the world.

Children can be curious about disabilities. They may not have seen a person with a disability before. Sometimes their views are shaped by their parents' prejudices. We can help them to understand and accept people with disabilities. We can do this by explaining things in simple ways and by being friendly. I tell children my name. I ask for their name. I tell them about my disability. I used to be uncomfortable being around children. But then I tried talking to them. I talked to a young girl on a tram. It made me happy. I now feel comfortable around children.
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The face of a dolphin swimming in a pool.

Dolphins can teach us about disability.

The film Dolphin Tale is about a female dolphin called Winter. A young boy called Sawyer helps Winter on the beach. She is trapped in ropes and has injured her tail. The doctors at the zoo must cut her tail. A doctor is able to make her a new tail. Kyle was hurt in a war. He cannot move his right leg. He needs help walking. Winter helps him feel happier about his life. People who work at the zoo think no one will visit a dolphin with a disability. But they are wrong. People come to visit and swim with Winter.
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A young female reporter being filmed on location
young female reporter being filmed on location

No Limits is now in its 11th season

I never dreamed of being a television presenter. But now I am a presenter on No Limits. It is a television show about disability. It is a lot of fun being involved in the show. It has also taught me a lot. I especially enjoy interviewing guests. It is great to share their stories. It is important to give people with a disability a voice. The show helps teach people about disability. I hope it will help change the way other people think and behave.
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man sitting at cafe

Encouraging Australians to connect with someone they care about

Thursday is R U OK? Day. It aims to prevent suicide. People are encouraged to talk to people they care about. It is important that little problems do not turn into big problems. A friend of mine lost her husband this year to suicide. She encourages people to talk to each other. I also have another friend who has had a hard time. I think I was one of the few people he talked to about it. It is really important for people to know that we care about them. There are also many support agencies that can help.
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The painting Ask Me No More by Lawrence Alma-Tadema. A woman is having her hand kissed while she looks away.

It's like my skin is more receptive to touch

Being touched is something most people take for granted. But being touched is very important to me. People do not often touch me because of my skin condition. I am not sure that it is fear. They might just be worried they will hurt me. But it won't hurt me. Even a casual touch can be very exciting. And a hug or a kiss can be the best feeling in the world.
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A close up photo of Masterchef contestant John Hughes in the Masterchef kitchen smiling

John Hughes won Australia's admiration

John Hughes recently competed on the television show MasterChef. John makes wine. He also lives with cerebral palsy. John made it through to the top 30. He made MasterChef history by choosing not to serve a dish to the judges. He did not think he did a good enough job with the dish. John received a lot of admiration for this decision. His cooking was also regularly praised. John says more people with a disability should be given opportunities to appear on television.
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A woman using a portable computer to study. She has a notebook and pen next to her.

I have made friends through my blog

I recently went to a conference. The conference was about blogs. A blog is like an online diary. You can write whatever you like. I write about my life and interests. I receive lots of comments from people on my blog. I have made many new friends. I have also received a lot of support from other people. My blog has created many new opportunities for me. I want to keep writing. I want to keep making people laugh. I also want to keep helping people to learn about others. And I want to keep getting new opportunities.
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