Christine Casey

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I am a school teacher aged in my mid-twenties. I enjoy playing blind cricket and blind tennis, ballroom dancing, singing, reading and spending time with friends. Originally from Queensland, I moved to Victoria three years ago and am gradually becoming used to the somewhat unpredictable weather. Being born blind is a mild inconvenience at times but it has never stopped me from living a happy, exciting and blessed life.

In my writing I look forward to focusing on the good things in life. I enjoy finding the humour and simple pleasures in day-to-day life and hope to encourage others to do the same. I also think it important to continue taking positive steps toward creating an inclusive society.

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A plate with a folded crepe with an orange slice, syrup and icing sugar.
A plate with a folded crepe with an orange slice, syrup and icing sugar.

Choix specialises in crepes.

Choix is a café bar that specialises in sweet and savory crepes. They also make the best hot chocolate drink. Choix serves breakfast and lunch and is open late Thursday and Friday. Choix is in Melbourne's city, near the Southern Cross train station. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The café has a level entrance accessible for people who use wheelchairs. The menu can be read on the café's website. Choix also serves beer and wine. The café can get busy so it is sometimes hard to find a seat. Choix is a great café.
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A Smart Bus with its name on the side.

I can be independent on the Smart Bus.

Being blind, I often use public transport. The bus driver always has to tell me when I have arrived at my bus stop. But recently I caught a Smart Bus. A recorded announcement told me the bus number. I could sit, relax and talk to a girl next to me. Each bus stop was announced. I was excited. I could be independent. I waited to press the button for my stop. It was a special moment. I pressed the button, the bus stopped and I thanked the driver. And I say a thank you to everyone involved in the Smart Bus.
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2 friends walking in federation square melbourne

Let friends just be friends.

I have many friends. They are special to me. Sometimes I get annoyed by people's comments about my friendships. Some people think my friends are not my friends and are only there to help me. I once rang my local council to ask for help in the home. I was surprised when I was told to ask my friends to help me instead. I am an independent person and I don't want my friends to be my carers. Sometimes having a disability complicates friendships. I used to think I didn't offer my friends very much. But now I understand I do.
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Two young girls laughing.
children laughing

Children can be very funny.

I love to laugh. Laughter helps you feel better if you do silly or embarrassing things. I am a primary school teacher. Children can be funny. One day the children were shown art that had dots. One child said the art had Braille on it so I could read it. It was a sweet and funny thing to say. I play blind tennis. Sometimes the ball hits me on my head. But it doesn't hurt. I like to laugh when this happens. I enjoy my life. I think the secret to being happy is to laugh.
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