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Deanne Newton
Deanne Newton

I have had a life-long love of writing which I followed most recently by studying a BA Honours in English. However, I have worked mostly in administration. I have been married since 2009. I have cerebral palsy and would most like to write about the emotions, frustrations and achievements of life for myself and others.

I have had a life-long love of writing which I followed most recently by studying a BA Honours in English. However, I have worked mostly in administration. I have been married since 2009.

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A gym with exercise bikes and treadmills.

I need to do regular exercise.

Getting enough exercise has been difficult for me. As a child I exercised at my school. When I finished school I used to walk with a friend until she moved away. Later I joined the gym with a friend who also has cerebral palsy. It was very helpful for my fitness. But eventually I stopped going to gym. I was busy with studies and planning to get married. My family soon worried that walking was difficult for me. This year I have been going to the gym again. I feel much better and hope I always make time for exercise.
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A three-wheeled scooter with a basket.
mobility scooter

Are scooters too large?

Years ago I used a scooter to get to work every day. I hired a scooter recently that was bigger than my old scooter. I had trouble getting off the train and getting into lifts. I wanted to know if scooters are larger than they used to be. My research found they can be. One reason scooters may be bigger is because they have to accommodate larger people. Many medium-sized scooters fit into today's lifts. But there is not much space left. I think buildings and lifts need to be built to fit scooters and wheelchairs of different sizes.
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The book cover that has a profile of a young woman's face.
peeling the onion1

Orr's "Peeling the Onion"

Peeling the Onion is an Australian young adult novel. It tells the story of Anna, who is left with injuries after a car accident. Anna learns she will never be able to do things, like sports, that she loves. This makes her feel like she is no good. But Anna slowly realises she is still a great person and can live a useful life. She becomes closer to her friend Luke who helps her feel better about the future. Peeling the Onion is a great book for people with disabilities to read.
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woman in wheelchair sitting with partner having coffee

Give one another love and support.

Having a new partner can be exciting. But if you have a disability you should be honest about what you can and can't do. When I started a relationship I tried to do too much. We went to Sydney for a holiday and I didn't take my scooter. My partner wanted to go out in the evening. I was exhausted and didn't want to disappoint him. But he told me not to worry. It is important to try and be independent even when you are in a relationship. A good relationship is when two people love and support one another.
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A tall Monash University building.
Monash University Clayton

I dreamed of going to Monash University.

At school I had two dreams. I wanted to study arts at Monash University. I wanted to be a journalist. But when I finished school I did not get a place at university. I decided to study professional writing. I also tried different jobs. I then began study to become a teacher. Learning to teach students was difficult. I have a disability. It was hard to stand for a long time. I stopped studying teaching. Finally I was accepted to do arts at Monash University. I am now a new writer for the DiVine website. My dreams are coming true.
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