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Graham Clements

I have fought bushfires racing up the hills around Heyfield. I have scheduled television commercials in freezing Ballarat. I have even tossed bean sprouts in a shed in Sydney. I now live in rural Victoria where I write science fiction. Literature, science, technology, the environment and gardening are some of my many interests.


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The Google Glass Explorer. There are no lenses. A small computer display is on the top right corner of the frame.
The Google Glass Explorer. There are no lenses. A small computer display is on the top right corner of the frame.

The Google Glass Explorer.

Glasses are being tested around the world that have an inbuilt computer. They may have a microphone, camera, small screen, battery and speakers. Some of these glasses can take photos, give directions, make phone calls and connect to the internet. This exciting technology can help people with a disability. The glasses may help people with a hearing impairment to read live transcripts of what people are saying. A person with a vision impairment may be able to use the glasses to read newspapers. Many companies and researchers are developing and testing these new glasses.
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The cover of the book entitled The Emerging Writer.

Writing can be a healing quality

The written word can aid in healing. Self-help books offer advice on living with disabilities. Memoirs help people relate to those who have illnesses. Novels can distract the reader from their health concerns as well as offer insights into disabilities. A reference book called The Novel Cure offers an A to Z of literary remedies. Apart from reading, writing therapy can also aid healing.
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A stack of old books
stack of old books

Stack of books

Graeme Simsion and Jo Case have written books that have Asperger's Syndrome at their centre. Both writers recently appeared at the Melbourne Writers Festival. Simsion's book is a fictional romantic comedy, called 'The Rosie Project'. Case's book, 'Boomer and Me', is a true life account of raising a son with Asperger's. The books show how diverse people with Asperger's Syndrome can be.
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Red disabled toilet sign on dark corrugated iron wall

My illnesses have not only affected my health, but consistently interrupted my attempts to work and find work.

My illnesses have made it hard for me to find and keep work. I have lost jobs because of being sick too often. So I try and limit my job hunting to positions I hope won't be affected by my illnesses. But I still worry about whether to tell potential employers I have a disability. I am on the Disability Employment Scheme at the Job Network. They have suggested many jobs I considered unsuitable because of my illnesses. But they have helped in finding a few suitable jobs.
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An old photo of famous author Henry Lawson

People with disabilities have made major contributions to Australian society.

Many people with disabilities have made major contributions to Australian society. But we do not seem to hear about them. There have been writers, media barons and politicians with disabilities. We even have had a saint with a disability. Although these people are well-known, their disabilities seem to have been forgotten. Highlighting their disabilities can help to dispel negative ideas about people with disabilities.
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A stack of various medications in foil packets

Shortages in medicine can lead to withdrawal and other serious side effects.

In January a medicine I depend on became suddenly unavailable. I tried to find it at pharmacies all around my region and then online, without any luck. I even thought about buying it from an overseas supplier. After a bit of research it became clear that specific medicine shortages are not uncommon in Australia, as many of them are manufactured by only one or two overseas companies. If there is a problem in the supply chain, then unexpected shortages can follow.
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A large SUV parked across a suburban footpath

Cars are parked on footpaths make it hard for pedestrians with disabilities

Our footpaths are becoming more crowded. Not just with people, but with tables and chairs, signs and clothes racks. Cars are parked on footpaths and gardens block them. These obstacles make it hard for pedestrians with disabilities. Councils have rules about keeping footpaths obstacle free. Gardens should not overhang footpaths. Outdoor dining areas should leave sufficient space for pedestrians. It is illegal to park a car on a footpath. In Victoria, motorcycles can be parked on footpaths if sufficient space is left for pedestrians. Please do your bit to keep our footpaths free of obstacles.
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Woman who uses a wheelchair chatting with another woman. Text - Writer or journalist?
Media guidelines cropped

Portray people with a disablity as real people.

The media often uses inappropriate words when talking about people with disabilities. So a set of guidelines have been written to help the media portray people with a disability. The "Reporting it Right" guidelines are written by the Department of Human Services. The guidelines ask people with disabilities be portrayed as people first. They also suggest not using very emotive language when describing people with disabilities. To help the media, the guidelines list acceptable terms for describing disabilities.
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The google homepage

My saviour has been the web.

I live in Wangaratta in country Victoria and often feel isolated. I wish there were more people who thought like me, and more opportunities, in Wangaratta. Luckily, the World Wide Web reduces this isolation. I use the web to work, study, express my views and shop. I have joined campaigns on subjects like climate change. I feel like my opinion matters. Most of all I use the web to write and connect with other writers. I write science fiction and am a member of three online writing groups. I have become very dependent on the web.
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A dentist's chair.

Dental care can be costly.

I needed to get a lot of dental work on my teeth. But I could not afford the thousands of dollars it would cost. My local public dental clinic had a three-year waiting list. So I rang the Melbourne Dental Hospital. The hospital's staff suggested I use their student teaching clinic. I then spent a lot of time on waiting lists. I also paid for some of my treatment and used the Australian Government's Chronic Disease Dental Scheme. Unfortunately this scheme is finishing at the end of the year. I am so glad the public dental system was there for me.
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