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Heidi Everett

I am a qualified illustrator and studied the natural world a long time ago. These days I am a professional musician performing at cool community events. I'm also a Mental Skillness advocate and consultant, and appeared in an Andrew Denton documentary called Angels and Demons. I enjoy the great outdoors as long as my dog Tigger is with me.

I believe knowledge is no good if all you do is collect it. My passions include music, especially artists and bands with a great message. I am also interested in human rights (carrots, not sticks), building community and living life with a wry smile.


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"A vibrant and extremely electric state"

Around 50 million people worldwide have schizophrenia. A person with schizophrenia cannot cope very well with stress. Stress can be caused by problems with housing, relationships and money. I was in a hospital for the first time when my doctor said I had schizophrenia. I was scared that I was a bad person. Many people think that schizophrenia means you are violent. It is not true. Some people with schizophrenia hear voices and see things other people cannot. Last year I organised a Schizophrenia Awareness Week event. It was a barbecue. I want to help change what people think about schizophrenia.
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