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Isabella Fels

I have been writing mainly articles and poetry on mental health for over 10 years. I have written articles and poetry for 'The Big Issue' on my schizophrenia as well for St Vincent De Paul. I have also featured on the SBS Insight website. I love now getting my articles to rhyme, with DiVine giving me that perfect opportunity.

I want to inform and entertain people with my writing. I like to explore both the positive and negative factors of my illness. Getting into DiVine has been one of the best things that has happened to me.

Isabella Fels's articles

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Professor Ron McCallum

Professor Ron McCallum AO

Ron McCallum has been blind since he was a baby. At school he was a good student. He went to university to study law. His friends would read law books to him. His wife Mary also helped him. After his studies he began to teach law. Since then he has achieved a lot in his life. He was the Dean of Law at the University of Sydney. He believes in the rights of people with disabilities. In 2006 the Australian government awarded him with the Order of Australia. In 2011 he was named Senior Australian of the Year.
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A woman, whose hands can only be seen, working on a jigsaw puzzle

I was putting the pieces of my life back.

Recently I was a voluntary patient at a psychiatric hospital. When I was younger I didn't have good hospital visits. But this visit was much better. I was lucky to be given my own room. The doctors and nurses took good care of me. I didn't have to cook or clean. I did things like reading and writing. I went to many classes. I practised deep relaxation and arts and crafts. I had wonderful talks with the other patients. I listened to the doctor and nurses. I slowly felt better. I was ready to face the world again.
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A male doctor is checking the breathing of a female patient with a stethoscope.

A good relationship between the doctor and patient is essential.

Hypochondria is an illness. The sufferer believes they are sick or dying when they are not. They may think they have breast cancer because they feel small aches. Or they may worry their stomach ache is because of liver or kidney problems. A person with hypochondria may read medical information on the internet. This can make them feel worse. Dr Mahon is a doctor. He helps people who have hypochondria. He tells them how to care for their body. He may send them to see other medical professionals who can help. Having a good doctor can help a person with hypochondria.
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3 friends out for lunch

We have a lot of fun together

My friends are always there for me. They have been a great support when I have been unwell. They visited me in hospital and brought me presents. They really helped my recovery. My friends have also been very supportive of my writing. They have also given me other great opportunities. They have even taught me life lessons. They do it out of concern and love. My friends make me feel special.
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The cover of Sandy Jeffs book Poems from the Madhouse has a painting of Sandy sitting at a desk with her chin rest on her hand. Sandy is looking sad.

Sandy Jeffs is a real role model to me

Sandy Jeffs is an outstanding writer. Sandy writes poetry and books. She has a mental illness called schizophrenia. Sandy has had a difficult life. She hears voices that often abuse her. But she is very positive. She also has a great sense of humour. Sandy's poems are very interesting. Many are very beautiful. Others can be sad. I admire Sandy very much. She is a role model to me.
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A close up of Christopher Reeve, who is wearing a suit and looking very focused.
Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve prior to his accident

Christopher Reeve was a famous movie actor. He played Superman. He had an accident when riding a horse. The accident left him paralysed from the neck down. But Reeve was more of a hero in his wheelchair than flying across the sky. He reached out to many people with a disability. He fought for people's rights. He also worked hard to support medical research. He is my hero.
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An old fashioned analog alarm clock with a white face and gold alarm bells on top.

Getting going in the morning is hard

I love writing. But I find getting going is hard. I end up putting much more effort into trying to produce a perfect cup of tea than the perfect paragraph. As I jiggle my tea bag I wish I was jiggling my pen. And as I pour the milk I wish I was writing on a fresh blank creamy page. I wish I could produce as many pieces of writing as I produce cups of tea. But I always seem to fall into the same old pattern. Let me describe a typical day… Cup of tea First I make one...
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