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Two friends (a young man and woman) standing at a bar
2 friends (1M & 1F) at a bar

I love going out with friends.

I love going out. I love movies, nightclubs and concerts. The Companion Card has been great for me. The card lets some people with a disability get a free entry ticket for a companion. I used to split the cost of tickets with my friends. The card saved us a lot of money. It let me have a good social life. But I have decided not to get a new card. I want to be more independent. I have learned new skills. I think there are other people with a disability who need the card more than me.
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Jarrod Marrinon is wearing headphones and sitting in front of a turntable and other music equipment. He is working as a DJ.

Professional DJ Jarrod Marrinon in action

I am a professional DJ. DJ stands for disc jockey. I play music for people at parties. It is a great passion of mine. It all started six years ago. I was given some equipment. I played with the equipment for hours every day. I started my own business. It has been a success. I play at birthdays and weddings and other events. I would also really like to play at nightclubs. But the DJ booths are always inaccessible to wheelchair users like me. I hope that can change in future.
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