Jennifer Vesperman

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Jennifer Vesperman

I started life as a healthy brat in sunny Queensland. My body started to fail when I was finishing a degree in computer programming. My life since then has been a constant fight for an accurate diagnosis. It has also been a battle to develop and sustain quality of life. I want to achieve something worthwhile despite my problems.

I am an avid reader and thinker. The more I can learn, the happier I am. My interests are varied. They include playing music, mathematics and cleaning the house without using harsh chemicals. Given free rein to write about anything, I probably would.

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A Pioneer Kuro plasma television with an image of a bird on the screen
Pioneer Kuro plasma TV

Choosing between a plasma or LCD television can be difficult

If you want a new television it is hard to choose between plasma and LCD. In general, get a plasma if you plan on having a home theatre system with a huge screen and darkened room. But LCD is usually best if you want a small or medium-sized screen. LCD screens are also better if you want to use the television in sunlight or with the lights on.
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A close-up of someone texting on their mobile phone
close up of someone texting on mobile phone

Finding the right mobile plan can save you a lot of money

It is not easy choosing the right mobile phone. You need to think about how many calls and messages you plan to make. You also need to think about any special needs you have. Some mobiles have bigger keys that are easier to press. Others have big screens you can touch. Some have louder rings or can read messages to you.
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