Maureen Corrigan

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Maureen Corrigan

I have enjoyed a varied working life in health. I began as a medical practitioner then moved into management of hospitals, health services and aged care. My main qualifications are a medical degree, a master in administration and a college fellowship. I retired earlier than anticipated because of multiple sclerosis. This means I can enjoy other passions much more often.

I have a passion for healthy living and love travelling. I also enjoy reading and visiting various arts venues. Having more time to enjoy these things is something that I truly value. Writing is also a new discovery!

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Maureen Corrigan in a park in Norway on her electric travel scooter.

Maureen with her travel scooter

I have just visited Norway. I saw some of the most beautiful places in the world. I did a lot of research before I left. I am a wheelchair user. I used many different methods to research accessibility. But one of the joys of travelling is when the unexpected happens. I used 16 different forms of transport on the trip. They included trains, boats and buses. I also used a Luggie electric travel scooter. I will never forget the experiences I had.
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A white cup of cafe latte with a fern design in the milk froth

MadCap founder Anthony Cheeseman is a champion barista passing on his skills

MadCap Café is helping people recover from mental illness. People are given training and jobs. It has been a great success. Three cafés are now open around Melbourne. The staff say they are very happy. They can work at the café for up to six months. Staff are then helped to find another job or more training. The cafés are also helping to teach the public about mental illness. The reaction from customers has been very positive.
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An Apple iPhone 4 smartphone resting on its side with a variety of app icons shown on the screen

I said I didn't need a smartphone

I said I did not need a smartphone. I was happy with my old mobile phone. I also had mobile internet for my notebook computer. But then I discovered I could replace two things with one smartphone. And it would not be more expensive. My new iPhone 4 does a lot more than my old devices for the same price. It makes life easier. There are thousands of applications available for the iPhone. But I am still looking for more applications for people with a disability.
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A small cup of black coffee. There is a teaspoon resting on the white saucer.

I love drinking good coffee

I love drinking good coffee. I also enjoy learning about different types of coffee. I have favourite cafés I like to visit. I also like to hear of new places I can try. I like reading guides to Melbourne's cafés. The guides rate the quality of the coffee. But I have not seen a guide that considers accessibility of cafés. I decided to rate them myself. I found five cafés in Melbourne that were accessible and had great coffee. But many cafés were hard to access. They also did not have accessible toilets.
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A black Nikon P100 digital camera with its zoom lens partially extended.

Big zoom lens: the Nikon Coolpix P100

I have always enjoyed taking photos. I take a lot of personal photos. I am a wheelchair user. It is sometimes hard to get close enough to what I want to photograph. I have been looking at cameras with bigger zoom lenses. I finally decided to get a Nikon Coolpix P100. It has a 26 times optical zoom lens. I bought it on the internet. It was a cheap price and I got good service. I am very happy with the camera. I will not miss out on much now.
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A silver coloured Volkswagon Golf Wagon

The Volkswagon Golf Wagon

I wanted a new car. My Subaru Forrester was 13 years old. It was not as safe as most new cars. I also wanted more room for my mobility equipment. I made a list of all the features I wanted. I decided I needed a wagon. I went for a test drive in several different cars. I found an accessible showroom. The staff were helpful. But I had a bad experience at another showroom. The salesperson was rude. We decided to buy a Volkswagon Golf Wagon. It met all of our needs.
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A painting by Eugene von Guérard featuring a river, mountains, detailled vegetation and a cloudy sky.

Eugene von Guérard: "Victoria's most important landscape painter"

I recently saw the exhibition Eugene von Guérard: Nature Revealed. It is on at the National Gallery of Victoria in Federation Square until August. I joined a guided tour. Access for people with a disability is good. The exhibition is celebrating 150 years of the gallery. von Guérard was the gallery's first director. He often travelled around Victoria. He produced many sketches and paintings of nature. The detail in his sketches and paintings is amazing. His work was very accurate and important.
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A female student writing on a workbook

Reviewing education standards for students with a disability

The Australian Government is reviewing education standards for students with a disability. The standards have been in place for five years. The Australian Federation of Disability Organisations says the review is needed. They say many students with a disability are still not treated well. A discussion paper has been released. You can also have your say. The deadline for feedback is April 21.
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Beacon Cove in Port Melbourne, with a large modern building overlooking a wide accessible path and Port Phillip Bay

Beacon Cove in Port Melbourne

I love Port Melbourne. I have lived in the area for many years. I love the accessible paths and tram stops. I am a wheelchair user. Recently I decided to test the accessibility of places to eat in my area. There are many different restaurants and cafés. I found many restaurants that were accessible to me in the Station Pier area. Most had plenty of room inside and out. Three also had accessible toilets. But the restaurants on Bay Street were not as accessible. Many were too crowded inside and not one had accessible toilets.
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A series of black dresses designed by Valentino worn by white mannequins

I thought the dresses were beautiful

I was in Brisbane last year. Friends talked me into going to an exhibition. The exhibition was about expensive clothes. I did not think I would be interested. I did not think fashion could be art. But it did not take long before I realised I had been wrong. The clothes were by an Italian designer called Valentino. They were very beautiful. I realised he is an artist.
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