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Maureen Corrigan

I have enjoyed a varied working life in health. I began as a medical practitioner then moved into management of hospitals, health services and aged care. My main qualifications are a medical degree, a master in administration and a college fellowship. I retired earlier than anticipated because of multiple sclerosis. This means I can enjoy other passions much more often.

I have a passion for healthy living and love travelling. I also enjoy reading and visiting various arts venues. Having more time to enjoy these things is something that I truly value. Writing is also a new discovery!

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Maureen Corrigan is smiling while wearing a heavy jacket and headband. An ocean, a large ship and icebergs are in the distance behind her.

An incredible and unforgettable sight

I had planned a holiday to Antarctica. But my friend rang with bad news. My friend said the ship I was about to travel on had sunk. Fortunately, it was a different ship. It just had a similar name. My trip had other surprises. Getting around the ship using my wheelchair was easy. Seeing my first iceberg was a highlight. Later I got to see icebergs and animals up close in a small boat. I was also treated to a trip onto the land. Antarctica was unforgettable.
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