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Nyx Matthews

I am an artist and writer. I am currently avidly in love with my garden and reading David Hume. I consume a steady diet of novels. I also enjoy beautifully illustrated children's books as well as books on art and politics.


I have written and illustrated student newspapers, blogs, and online journals. I have my own blog called designs on fragility. I tend to write about topics like politics, disability and women.

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Colin Firth as King George VI in The King's Speech. Firth is looking nervous standing in front of a large microphone.

King George VI battled a severe speech disorder to lead his people

There have been many characters with disabilities in movies. They have appeared in a wide variety of different films. I particularly like action films. Disability often enhances and defines a superhero character. Many superhero characters have vision impairment. Others have lost a limb. Others have serious illnesses that lead them to become superheroes. Some films explore how society can disable people. Many films featuring people with a disability are based on true stories. Some have won Academy Awards. What are your favourite films featuring people with a disability? And what films do you not like?
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Characters from the television show Glee dancing and singing, including a boy in a wheelchair who is wearing glasses

Most of the main characters are geeks

Glee is a popular television show. It features many different teenagers. Some characters in the show have disabilities. It is good to see characters with a disability on television. But the wheelchair user on the show does not have a disability in real life. An actor with a disability should have got the part. A woman with Down syndrome only has a very limited role. I also do not like how people with a disability are treated on the show. For example, a Deaf choir were not able to perform a whole song.
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