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Peter Williams

At school I found writing both stimulating and rewarding. In 1985 I became a qualified fitter and machinist. When the internet came along, it gave me the opportunity to write again. From my early childhood I have also always been a keen sportsperson. I have recently begun to play tennis again after becoming an amputee.

I am interested in issues related to the rights of people with a disability. I believe these matters often do not get enough attention.

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A woman using assistive technology to read at her work desk.
Deena at work

DES can assist businesses to install assistive technology.

Finding work can be difficult for people with a disability. A Disability Employment Service can help. They offer support to job seekers with a disability who are searching for work. They help people through all the stages of finding a job. Starting with looking and applying for work, they also support workers with a disability once they have found work A Disability Employment Service can also assist people with a disability to develop their skills. They provide access to training courses so a person can get qualifications to help them find employment.
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A boy sitting on stairs holding a teddy bear. His face cannot be seen.
boy with teddy bear

Findings show children with a disability are more vulnerable to sexual abuse.

A royal commission is a public inquiry that investigates important matters. In 2012 a national royal commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was started. In Melbourne the royal commission will hold private sessions until November to encourage victims to talk about what happened to them. Through private sessions survivors can talk about abuse directly to a commissioner. The royal commission has found children with a disability are more vulnerable to sexual abuse. If victims of sexual abuse want to tell their stories support is available. The royal commission can provide interpreters, communication support workers and counsellor.
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Campaspe representatives at the awards ceremony.
pierre gorman presentation 2014

Accepting the Pierre Gorman Award.

The Pierre Gorman Award helps libraries develop better services for people with a disability. The award honours the work of the late Dr Pierre Gorman. Gorman worked to improve education for people with disabilities. This year’s award went to the Campaspe Regional Library. The library received the award for its Being-Connected Libraries and Autism project. The library developed the project with local community support groups. Together they will put in place measures that make Campaspe’s libraries friendlier to people with disabilities.
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Close up of colour paints.
Close up of colour paints.

Creating art full of colour and beauty.

Heist eGallery is an online art gallery. It’s run by Arts Access Victoria. Heist gives artists with a disability a space to exhibit their work. The website was started with a Victorian government grant. The artwork on Heist is full of color and beauty. It also stirs the imagination and awakens new ideas. Heist has different exhibits with thought-provoking themes. The current exhibition is Disclosure. It examines the relationship between disability, identity and creativity. The exhibition features a diverse range of artists. They use sculptures, paintings and drawings to intrigue and surprise their audience.
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Graffiti art on a wall.
Graffiti art on a wall.

Melbourne's vivid street art.

Graffiti is drawings or words written on walls such as buildings. Some people think graffiti is art. Other people believe it is ugly vandalism. A lot of graffiti is illegal. Melbourne’s city centre is well-known for the graffiti on its laneway walls. The graffiti attracts tourists from around the world. Some graffiti in Melbourne is done with permission from the council. Ridding Melbourne of graffiti may make the city look cleaner. But we might also lose something unique and colourful that adds excitement to the city.
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A brown racehorse bending down eating grass

Miniature horses maybe suitable to be guide animals

Seeing Eye dogs make great guides for people with vision loss. But there aren't enough of them to meet the demand for their services. Also they aren't suitable for everyone who needs a guide. Recently miniature horses have been recruited as guide animals. It's hoped their use will give more people with vision loss access to a guide animal. The use of guide horses as guides is still somewhat experimental so only people with partial vision loss are partnered with them. But the small number of people who use them highly prize their skill and devotion.
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Empty wheelchair on a beach

Ignorance is no excuse for accusing someone of "faking" a disability.

People can dismiss the disabilities of others or accuse them of faking. They may think those with a disability are weak. Or they don't try hard enough to get better. T.V shows have characters that fake their disability. If people watch them they can become suspicious we are faking ours too. People expect disabilities to be visible, but some medical conditions are hard to see. If people can't see them they might doubt they exist. Some people like to think they are too strong or clever to get a disability. They don't understand it's by chance someone becomes disabled.
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Woman undergoing psychiatric therapy

Consumer experts give governments a unique perspective into living with mental illness

There are different kinds of experts. Usually an expert needs to study hard at university. But life experience can also make someone an expert. Governments around Australia have recruited people with lived experience of 'mental illness'. They are called consumer experts and work in mental health services. Their experience gives them unique insight into the problems faced by people with 'mental illness'. Consumer experts work in a wide variety of roles. Many have other qualifications to. Some doctors think they aren't needed. But mental healthcare experts say their contribution has led to better treatment for users of mental health services.
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Legs of man dressed in sports gear near a bike, left leg is artificial.

Alternative designs for artificial limbs are being made.

When people have part of their leg missing, they might use an artificial leg. But artificial legs can cause problems and can damage a person's leg. But a technique has been developed that attaches an artificial leg to the bone. The technique has many advantages. It can be used on animals as well as people. Unfortunately there is risk to this technique. There is a higher risk of infection for the person. But veterinarians and doctors may have a solution. It involves getting skin to grow onto the artificial leg. Both animals and humans are trying this new technology. It may help people who use artificial leg to lead pain-free lives in the future.
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Pills scattered in front of a small tub of pills.

People claimed miraculous cures.

When doctors could not explain why I had ongoing back pain I searched the internet for answers. I found a huge amount of information on the internet. I met others on the internet with unexplained pain. They were looking for answers too. But answers were hard to find on the internet. My search went on for years. Some of my family and friends became worried about me. I later found better things to do. But I do not feel my searching was all bad. I learned about many fascinating ideas that encouraged a desire to learn.
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